Musical Man Progress

Greetings, readers! I’m in my last semester of the MFA program at CCAD, and I’m plowing away on my Musical Man film, a superhero parody in which a music-themed vigilante fights villains based around different music genres. The story is planned out and the voices (mostly) recorded, so right now I’m in the rough animation phase. I’m hoping to have all of the rough animation completed by the end of February, and then I can spend March doing cleanup and color. Here’s a sample of some animation drawings from one scene:

I’m also working on backgrounds. Finding the right color scheme is important, and I had planned a palette dominated by blues and purples to get a pulpy look reminiscent of Max Fleischer’s Superman cartoons of the 1940s. However, the cool colors I was using didn’t fit the tone I was going for in the scene with the country music-themed villains. Here are some of the backgrounds I drew up initially:

So, to me, these don’t represent the musical genre well at all. So I reworked them and came up with these warmer, earthier alterations. Nothing amazing going on here, but I think the mood is better:

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