Bizarre Wars Episode II

Hey guys! Still working on my animated pilot film Musical Man and my upcoming Star Wars parody. I locked down the character designs for the film… I’m going for a bit more of a stylized look inspired by ’50s Cartoon Modern shorts, particularly films from the UPA studio and Ward Kimball’s animated segment of Disney’s 1957 TV special Mars and Beyond. I’m liking where they are so far.

I’ve also got the design of the mouse figured out. I started with the sketches on the left, partially inspired by Jerry from the Tom & Jerry cartoons, but it wasn’t really suggesting “mouse” to me for whatever reason. I fixed it up on the right, and gave the mouse a little more of a snout, and I think it’s looking better.

Anyway, I’ve designed the characters, written my second and final draft of the story, and now I’ve moved on to animating and creating background art. I’ve animated the first couple of shots (just rough animation at this point, no cleanup/color) and done a few of the backdrops, including this panned BG.

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