Fifty Shades of Groundhog

Hey guys! I’m just starting semester no. 2 of my graduate program at the Columbus College of Art & Design, and I’m already at work on the next entry in my Cartoon Remakes series. This one is going to be a take-off on Fifty Shades of Grey, which is going to be a lot of fun (and disturbing, probably).


My version is going to be called Fifty Shades of Groundhog, and it’s going to be pretty different from the source material. In my take, billionaire Christian Grey builds a skyscraper over the hole of a groundhog. In retaliation, the groundhog dresses in drag and puts Christian Grey through a BDSM nightmare. It’s kind of a Bugs Bunny-style setup, with a little of Tex Avery’s Screwy Squirrel thrown in.

I’ve only just started animating it, but I did complete all the thumbnails for the cartoon (it’s going to be shorter than my Shawshank Redemption parody). I’ll try to take you through the whole process of making this thing on my blog, so here are the thumbnails I drew up. Not very good drawings, and I just wanted to get the ideas down on paper (it’s not usually a good idea to try and achieve perfect drawings on your first pass at a storyboard).

Anyway, here it is:


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