Projects I’d Like to Create

I have tons of ideas for things that I’d like to make if I had unlimited time / resources… I’m lucky to be able to be working on two projects that I’ve wanted to do for a long time right now (web series, animated pilot), but I’m constantly thinking of other long-term ideas that aren’t likely to happen any time soon.

For instance, I’ve been itching to make an animated feature for a long time. I love making straight comedies, but I’d be interested in making a hand-drawn animated fantasy film with lots of dark elements and imaginative creatures / new worlds.

I’ve also wanted to try a live-action film; I’m working on a screenplay for a movie about a girl who goes on a dating site and winds up getting matched with a cereal mascot called the Fruity Flakes Felon. I thought it would be fun to make a really bizarre film with puppetry, stop-motion, pixillation, etc. mixed in. Maybe someday. Anyway, here’s an animatic I made with the Felon character:

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