Bad Art

Greetings, ye loyal cartoon fans. For this week’s blog post, I’m going to be criticizing one of my own drawings for your amusement!

I wasn’t sure which of my drawings to eviscerate for this assignment, since I’ve been working primarily on animation (where I simply Ctrl+Z any drawings I don’t like) and posting my cartoon panel Nonsense Island, where I usually trash all of my attempts until I get one that I’m okay with.

So I decided to check the archives of my BlogSpot page, since most of my artwork from a few years back tends to make me cringe a little. And sure enough, I found a drawing from 2012 that at first glance looks okay, but bothers me the more I look at it:


This was a piece that I drew as the pitch art for a comic book group project that never got off the ground. And, superficially, it looks alright and not terribly different from my current “style”. But what bothers me is that the poses are very stilted and inexpressive. They’re both standing annoyingly upright and there’s not much line of action. If this were to be animated, it would make for a very dull scene.

To illustrate what I mean, I quickly doodled a revised version. This one has none of the facial detail or clothing patterns of the old drawing, but look how much more dynamic it is. These characters look like they’re actually struggling for that wand, rather than just standing awkwardly in a generic pose.


Anyway, that’s my main problem with the sketch. If I’m being nitpicky, it also annoys me that the purple wizard isn’t making eye contact with the blue guy… and I think his “goofy” expression is a little bland (I’ve gotten a lot better at drawing bulbous-nosed zany-looking guys in recent years, apparently). Oh, and their feet aren’t big enough. Everybody knows that big feet = comedy gold.

So there ya go. Meet me back here in four years so I can discuss everything I hate about the revised version I just posted.

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