Studio Space

I’ve really been enjoying working in my studio space at CCAD. I’ve got a great drawing table with a light attached to it, reference art books on shelves nearby, lots of pencils, brushes and pens, sketchbooks and art hanging on the wall. Even though I do a lot of my work in the animation labs, my studio is a great spot to sketch out ideas and draw comic strips. I also lucked out by getting a studio with a window, which is awesome.

Location is certainly important, isn’t it? And that’s my awkward segue into showcasing some of the backgrounds I drew up for my first entry in the Cartoon Remakes series, which should be done in a few weeks. The backgrounds are pretty basic and not very impressive on their own – I’m hoping to concentrate harder on evocative backdrops in the Gumshoe Goose pilot I’m working on – but I think they serve the purpose well.

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