Collaborative Project Progress #1

Hey, everybody! I’m currently working on a collaborative project at the Columbus College of Art & Design. The pitch is a film that combines live-action and animation, and the crew is made up of various animation and cinematic arts students. It was originally titled Toon Town, but at the latest story meeting we shifted focus to Columbus 911, which would be a cop movie parody with a human policewoman and her puppet sidekick, with various animated creatures thrown into the mix.

That’s primarily what we settled on at the last story meeting, so the options were pretty open. I started drawing out some gag ideas, but I eventually got carried away and thumbed out an entire story. I’ve posted the thumbnails I came up with below.

I tried to strike a balance here between standalone slapstick gags and character-based comedy, with the policewoman serving as kind of a straight man to the aggressively obnoxious puppet character. I looked at a lot of the great comedy teams to get inspiration (Laurel & Hardy, Abbott & Costello, Martin & Lewis, the Marx Brothers), and many of the gags come from the classic Warner Bros. school of comedy. Hopefully it turned out to be pretty funny… it definitely spins wildly out of control by the end.

Anyway, this is just a draft I came up with, so it’s possible that none of this makes its way into the finished film, and the designs here are just placeholders for when our team arrives at more finalized character designs. But this is what I’ve been working on:


As for my Gap Project (i.e. the personal project we’re working on alongside the group work), I haven’t gotten into actually animating it yet, but here’s the animatic for the film:

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