Social Media and Alternate Dimensions

This semester, I’m hoping to build a presence on Twitter and Tumblr. I’ve had a Twitter account for several years, but aside from a few postings early on and a handful of correspondences with people who aren’t on Facebook, I’ve really only used the account to check on the updates of other people. As for Tumblr, I seem to have signed up for it a year ago, but I have no memory of doing so…? Maybe it was the work of the Anti-Vincent, a bizarro being from an alternate dimension. Either way, I’ve got an account and I’m going to start posting there, although I might be playing right into the Anti-Vincent’s hands.

I’ve been wanting to establish myself on various social media sites for a while now, but hopefully now I’m actually going to do something about it. One incentive is that I’ve been hoping to get more exposure for Nonsense Island, a daily single-panel comic that I’ve been posting on my blog ( and on Facebook. They seem to be getting a lot of favorable attention from the people on my friends list, but I’d like to get a wider audience, and sites like Twitter and Tumblr seem much more friendly towards attracting followers than something as self-possessed as a blog. 

In addition to the comics, Twitter seems like a good place to post little blips of humor and commentary, which would hopefully attract like-minded people to my work. Tumblr is more image-friendly than Twitter, so that would be a particularly ideal place to record progress on animated projects I’m working on. Once I get Twitter and Tumblr figured out, I may try a few more forums, like DeviantArt, which I also have an account for… possibly the work of Anti-Vincent. 

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